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Your Russian Bride – Discover The Truth About Your Russian Bride And Avoid Costly And Painful Mistakes

Your Russian Bride - Discover the truth about your Russian Bride and avoid costly and painful mistakesClick Image To Visit SiteFrom: Marina Smiley, the Author of "Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth" Dear Friend! Let me ask you a question.... Are you in a long distance relationship with a Russian woman from the former Soviet Union and seriously think about marrying her? If so, you absolutely must read this e-book. I call my book "The Shocking Truth" You will find a lot of amazing truths about your future Russian wife, but also you will find a lot of revealing information about yourself and will be able to see your role in a successful foreign-Russian marriage.

It is very easy for foreign men to become frustrated while they are looking for a Russian woman through the Internet: From one side of the coin, marriage agencies introduce to Western men beautiful looking Russian women whose goal in life is to be dutiful to their husband and children. Yet, on the flip side, you may have heard horror stories either from friends, relatives or through TV and newspaper accounts about Russian women, who want to escape from Russia. Once these women have escaped from their shackles of Russian life and have settled into their new country, they quickly divorce their foreign husband, taking everything from them, and sometimes even killing them!! Have you ever heard of these situations of either devoted love or one worst nightmare? Do you believe it or is it too far fetched? It is quite an enigma, truth or fairy tale, fact or fiction or maybe a little of both? You need to ask yourself, who they are these Russian women? Are they the angels described on the Internet web sites or are they truly, the demons from hell? Devil or Angel ??? I have written this ebook just to help you understand the mysteries surrounding these fascinating Russian women. For once and for all, dispel the many myths.

"Dear Marina I bought your on-line book and obviously get your e-mails...I just cannot believe how exact and how true everything you write is. It's a little unnerving to say the least. My first and perhaps last attempt at marrying a lovely Ukrainian girl failed miserably because I fundamentally got a lot of things completely wrong, and every single one of them detailed exactly in your writing......... Yours sincerely, Kevin "


Sex And Love With Russian Women – Tips For A Successful Sex Life With A Russian Woman

Sex And Love With Russian Women - Tips For A Successful Sex Life With A Russian WomanClick Image To Visit SiteHello Marina, "I am writing you to thank you for the two books you have published. One night I was thinking about her and my previous experience, so I was searching the internet. To my deleight I found nothing about her and stumbled onto your books. I first bought your second book and read it the same night. I then signed up for your newsletter. I then purchased your first book and read it the same night. Mind you this all took place in one night. WOW!!! what an education!!!! I will state this, any western male looking to court a eastern female, this should be MANDITORY reading! It will give you valuable insight into a thought process that is different from ours. I must THANK YOU again for very educational books of which I do not think I would be where I am in my relationship with Tanya" Sincerly, Dave IL USA

With the advent of the world wide web, Internet has been flooded with dating services both nationally and internationally. Many forums have popped up where western men have begun to communicate their experiences and try to understand Russian women. They discuss many different topics and sometimes they find answers that more or less contain the truth about Russian habits and the Russian soul. One of the most recurring topics that arise in these forums are from readers with questions about sex, love and long distance relationships with Russian women. Many have tried to understand the Russian psyche when it comes to sex and love but with little success. I understand the confusion that Western men have about Russian women because of the mystique that surrounds these women. I sometimes think that Western men feel that Russian women are from another planet. Come on, guys! All people are more or less the same when it comes to "love making." Sure, there are many techniques that have been developed from various cultures but even the most mysterious woman in the world is still, only a woman. So, don't expect someone to offer you some special, "Russian Kama Sutra." Every woman is responsive in many different ways, often dictated by her culture, her environment and her upbringing. I am most familiar with these areas of the Russian psyche.... From Marina Smiley Dear Friend! Let me tell you a story... I am not a professional writer, but a Russian woman who has married an American and my education and profession are that of a doctor of medicine. Since, I have seen so many topics where men asking the same questions, again and again. I decided to sit and write a book to answer these questions the best way I know how. My ebook "Sex, Love and Long Distance Relationship with Russian Women " was written, not to teach you about sex, but rather as an informal means to discuss this subject as if we were in a very relax atmosphere, sipping some good wine and talking as a friends.... I have written... Read more...